Josep Maria
Mestres Quadreny

Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny was born en Manresa in 1929. He studied science at the University of Barcelona and composition with C. Taltabull. His music is distinguished for a sprit of language innovation and for the incorporation of new techniques, including the use of instruments. His field of interest is vast and includes many works from those that are uniquely interpreted by the public to those composed by computer. He has worked with artists such as Miró, Tàpies, Villèlia and T. Codina. He has made musical for the theater, movies, and, with Joan Brossa, diverse works for musical theater, ballet and opera. He joined the Círculo Manuel de Falla in 1952, and in 1960 founded the Música Oberta as a member of Club 49 for the promotion of new music; in 1968 he founded the Catalonian Co-Op for Contemporary Music, in 1973 the Musical Laboratory of Electro-acoustic Phonos and in 1976, the Instrumental Group of Catalonia, together with Carles Santos. Has taught courses on the New Music of Darmstadt and has worked on the Jeruselem Testamony. Has been invited to the course on Contemporary Music of Latin America en Brazil. Today, is a member of the Delegate Commission of Patrimony for the Miró Foundation., the Junta Rectora of the City Orchestra of Barcelona, and the Commission of Cultural Relations for the Center of Catalonian Studies at the University of Paris in Sorbona. Today, he is also the director of the 'Música d’avui' book collection and president of the Phonos Foundation.

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