Balsach Peig
Llorenç, Balsach Peig
Llorenç Balsach (Sabadell, 1953) is composer and music theorist. He has studied Music theory in the Conservatory of Barcelona and Mathematics in the Autonom University of Barcelona.
His compositions have been performed in most European countries and tris music recorded in several discs.
Balsach has received commissions from Radio Baden-Baden orchestra, the Associacio Catalana de Compositors, Radio Nacional de Espana, INAEM, el C.D.M.C del Ministerio de Cultura, el C.D.M.C del ayuntamiento de Barcelona and the Orquesta Simfonica del Valles.
He was one of the pioneers -since 1982- in musical and musicological research with computers, creating software of harmonic analysis (1982 to 1985), musical notation (1983 to 1990) (Simolog 86 Prize), a kind of intelligent pianola (pianoludic) (1986-9 and 2011-2), harmonic study and functional classification of the total chords and scales (1989-1992), Plugin for Sibelius (HarmonicAnalysis.plg) (2015-17), Chord Analyzer (online) (2020) .... some of his programs (such as La mano de Guido Music Setting System) were used internationally by many publishers.
He has investigated the inner relations between harmonic successions and tension-relax impressions, reflected in his books: Harmonic Convergence, Los fundamentos de las tensiones armónicas and in the essay: Aplication of virtual pitch theory in music analysis (Journal of New Music Reasearch 26-3)
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