Joan Carles
Martínez Prat
Joan Carles, Martínez Prat
Martinez Prat comes from Barcelona, city in which he begins tris musical studies. He first shows an interest for Jazz music, and does studies on guitar and jazz harmony with the American guitarist Sean Leavit. At the same time, on a self-taught basis, he initiates himself on classic guitar, and this musical path takes him to join the Conservatori Superior de Barcelona, wherein he will end studies on guitar of medium level, together with specific studies on harmony, counterpoint and chamber music. He obtains a scholarship from the Ministry of Education and moves to Alicante to take a high level course in guitar with maestro Jose Tomas, gaining an Honourable Mention at the end of it. He follows a Master on guitar and interpretation under the guidance of David Russell and Manuel Barrueco, as well as on ancient music under the guidance of William Waters and lutanist Hopkinson Smith. Besides tris own repertoire as soloist, he regularly plays guitar with different chamber groups throughout Spain (Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, Valencia). He has mace recordings for Catalunya Radio and Catalunya Television (TV3).
To meet tris interest in musical teaching, he follows a course on the 'Irineu Segarra' method, and takes part as an Adviser in training courses for perrnanent Staff of I.C.E, from Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona and Girona. To tris studies on counterpoint, fugue and composition with Benet Casablanques, Miquel Roger and Josep Soler, he adds tris own work on musical research about the Reinaxenca Catalana composers (the musical Modernism in Catalonia). Thanks to the help received from the, based in Palma, musical society A.C.A, he has recorded a monographic CD on tris own work for orchestra, chamber music and solo volees. He is presently doing an importan' pedagogical task as guitar assistant at the Conservatori Professional de Musica 'Isaac Albeniz' in Girona.
Joan Carles Martínez has developed his professional career in differentes cities of Spain, Barcelona, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, but he is attached to Girona province where he has created the most special projects.
He has followed studies of jazz guitarre, classical guitarre and composition.
He gives regularly concerts as soloist and with Almodis Chamber Ensemble, a string guitarre quintet, being his founder.
His compositions have been published by La Mà de Guido and Catalana d’Edicions Musicals. His music has been registered by Columna Música, Unió Musics (Mallorca), Setciències and Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat.
He has lead several projects of contemporay music for young students of music.
He has created and directed two spectacles, Persistència de la Memòria, with music composed by himself, an hommage to Salvador Dalí based on one of his paintings, and Música y Danza en la Corte Real, a Spanish dance performance based on the compositions of Luigi Bochherini for the Royal Court, which has been represented in New York and Athens, Greece.
He has been granted several times by Catalonia's Government, Diputació de Girona and Diputación de Guipuzkoa for the execution of artistic projects.

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