Francisco Josè
Martín Jaime
Composer and Conductor, he was born in Málaga, 1970, studiyng music and conducting at his city (Octav Calleya), Barcelona (Salvador Màs, Albert Argudo and Antoni Ros–Marbà) and Munich (Hermann Michael). He obtains the Bachelor in Conducting (1993). Also has done several masterclasses in other specialties than Conducting, within Alfredo Kraus, Naomi Oliphant and Peter MacHug (Universidad de Louisville, EEUU.), Abert Jiménez Ateneille, Luis and Gerard Claret, Janos Stârker or Helmut Rilling and Bachakademie Stuttgart.
His compositions have been first-performed in Málaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Santander (Fundacion Marcelino Botin), Munich (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Paris (France), Baden and Zurich (Switzerland), Italy, Israel, Japan, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, USA, etc.
In 1997 is awarded within the Intl. Prize of Competition Reina Sofia from the Fundacion Ferrer–Salat, being the only andalusian musician rewarded with this high award. The Orchestra of the Spanish Na-tional Television Broadcast (RTVE) with Manuel Galduf (conductor) first–perform his rewarded work «Klavierkonzert», with the presence of H.M. The Queen of Spain, with Maria Luisa Cantos playing the solo-part. It is the beginning of a fructiferous colaboration. In October ’99, she first performs «Turinia-na» at Pleyel Hall in Paris (France), and in 2000 does similar with his «Homenaje a Joaquín Rodrigo» in Vienna (Austria).
In 1997 the City Council of Malaga awards him with the Award for the Best Music Task.
He has composed commissions for Junta de Andalucía («Mars», Contemporary Music Festival 2001), Philarmonic Orchestra of Málaga («Palas Atenea»), International Music and Dance Festival Internacional of Granada («Astarte», first performed by Jesus Lopez-Cobos), Stiftung Musica Española-Schweiz («Konzert für Klavier und Streichorchester», first performed in Switzerland by Hungarian Virtuosi and Mª Luisa Cantos, «Thema und Variationen für Cello und Klavier»), the Camerata de Opera Orchestra («Los Cuatro Músicos de Bremen», first performed in 2004 in Ronda, Martin-Jaime conducting) and many others. In 2007 the Philarmonic Orchestra of Malaga first–perform «Vorspiel nach der Oper Medea» commissioned by the orchestra and performed conducting master Ceccato.
In 2008 Martin-Jaime has been one of the composers commissioned to compose a work («Graal, Op. 49») for the Association of Spanish Orchestras (AEOS) and SGAE.
Martin-Jaime has conducted several orchestras and groups as, for example, Liceu of Barcelona, of the Conservatorio Municipal de Barcelona, O. Eduard Toldra, Hungarian Virtuosi, Camerata de Opera, Orquesta Clasica de Malaga, Ensemble Barroco de Málaga, Teatro Lírico Andaluz, O. de Camara Ciudad de Malaga or Orquesta Filarmonica de Malaga.
Martin-Jaime is the main invited conductor of Teatro Lirico Andaluz, and since 2003 is Title Conductor of Orquesta Clasica de Malaga and Camerata de Opera. Nowadays, Martin-Jaime also teachs Conducting as Professor in the Cathedra of Conducting of the Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Malaga and is the title conductor of its Orquesta Sinfonica.
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