López De Rego Fernández
Cruz, López De Rego Fernández
Cruz López de Rego was born in Barcelona, Spain. At the age of five she began to sing in a choir, which made her soon start studying piano and music theory at the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona. In 1974 she moved to Madrid where she ended the studies of Piano, Chamber Music and Musical Pedagogy at the High Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid with the highest marks. She studied Composition and Orchestration mainly with Román Alís and Antón García Abril in Madrid, and with Franco Donatoni in Siena (Italia). She also graduated in Law at the Complutense University of Madrid (1979).
She focused her firsts years of her professional life to the field of musical Pedagogy, being a professor of the Department of Music of the Faculty of Teaching training and Education at the Autonomous University of Madrid from 1981 to the present, being in possession of the Certificate of Excellence for its teaching quality
In this field, she is the author of several articles published in specialized magazines and of papers presented at international conferences. She also collaborates as an evaluator in several prestigious magazines
As a composer, she is the author of more than 80 symphonic, chamber, vocal and electronic works. Her works have been performed by prestigious groups and soloists in Europe, America and Asia. Some of them edited by Periferia Sheet Music.
She is the past president of the Women in Music of Spain and she assiduously collaborates, as a composer, with the Danza Down-Elías Lafuente, company made up of dancers with intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome. And also collaborates, as a member of the jury, in the Interpretation and Composition Competitions organized by Donne in Musica of Serbia.
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