Joan Josep
Gutiérrez Yzquierdo
Joan Josep, Gutiérrez Yzquierdo
Joan Josep Gutiérrez Yzquierdo
Joan Josep Gutiérrez Yzquierdo, born in Barcelona in a family of artists, is a pianist, composer and piano teacher. Among his official studies he has a piano degree from the Conservatory of Music of Barcelona, Master in Musicology and Music Education from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Postgraduate in Direction of Educational Centers from the University of Barcelona. From 1996 to 2012 he has directed the Conservatory and School of Music Victoria de los Ángeles of Sant Cugat, where he currently teaches. He is a member of the Catalan Composers Association and vice-president of the Muzio Clementi Association of Barcelona. He has written works for piano, four-hans piano, voice and piano, chamber, choir and orchestra, as well as many didactic works. He has published for the publishing houses Clivis, Dinsic and Boileau of Barcelona and Real Musical of Madrid and has won several awards.
On several occasions he has been a guest professor at the Master's Degree in Musicology and Music Education at the Autonomous University and has been a speaker at several courses at the University of Barcelona, such as 'Symmetry: From the Crystal to the Universe' (2015), 'A musical journey with Clementi '(2016),' England around a piano '(2016) or' The birth of the romantic piano '(2019).
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