Guinovart Rubiella
Carles Guinovart


Conposer, teacher, and music promoter. Carles Guivovart was born en Barcelona where he began his studies, which he later broadened in Paris with Olivier Messiaen.

His productions have been recognized internationally. His aesthetic moves around a valuation sought by the filigree and internalization of sound (Dodaïm, prepared guitar, Concerto 'Mosaic', for piano and ochestra) such as the symphonic dimension (Symphonic Movement 'Le tombeau de Gustav mahler' or 'L’Angel de la mort'), the exotic character ('Est enllà...' together; Arabesco and solo piano) o the study of acoustic space in the tri-dimensional counterpoint of 'Voyage au fond du miroir' for 12 string solists (City Award of Barcelona, 1990)

One of the pretensions of Guinovart is in creating stable infrastructures for music, and the study of it, in his country. From 1984 to 1996, he was the main supporter for the International Music Competition in Girona where great performers and teachers gathered to the benefit of the qualified students. This competition served two purposes: to help project contemporary music of the 20th century, as well as recent Catalan compositions, through performance as well as individual composition.

After 15 years of composition and orchestration in the Musical Conservatory in Barcelona, he began teaching the final stage in the musical education of young Catalan composers. He started a course in 1970 on Music Theory of the 20th Century that was a continuing course until 2001 and was a pioneer in the field of Musical Analysis, not only in reference to the contemporary music, but also in the progressive knowledge of H. Shenker’s theory and his synoptic graphics.

Has been a professor of Musical Analysis since he began until 2002 at the Reina Sofia Masters School of Music in Madrid, at the Masters School of Music in the Vasc Country 'MUSIKENE', and finally, the Masters School of Music in Catalunya 'ESMUC'.

Since 2005 has been a member of the Sant Jordi Academy of Fine Arts with an entrance lecture on 'A l’entorn de l’Anàlisi musical'

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