Sergio, Fidemraizer
Rosario (Argentina), 1958

Sergio began his studies in composition with Dante Grela in the Music School of the National University of Rosario (Escuela de Música de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario). Later he furthered his studies, in Buenos Aires, with Francisco Kröpfl (composition and analisis) and with Mario Benzecy (orchestra conducting). In 1986, he took up permanent residence in Spain where he widened his knowledge at the Phonos Studio in Barcelona with Gabriel Brncic ( composition, analysis and electro acoustics) and with Xavier Serra (computer music), and also in the Conservatory of Badalona (Barcelona) where he obtained superior qualifications.
In his own country he was the co-founder of the various musical groups; Partnership of New Music Association of Rosario (Agrupación Nueva Música de Rosario), Young Composers Association of Rosario (Agrupación de Jóvenes Compositores Rosarinos), the Santa Fe Association of Composers (Asociación Santafesina de Compositores), and the music group Klank, all of which were pioneers, at the time, in the promotion of contemporary music.
His activity as a composer began in 1980 and after an initial phase where his interests where focused in folkloric fusion, his music gradually evolved
from atonalism and serialism towards a way of working with sounds which are valid for each and every singular work in their own expressive context, and with a particular emphasis on texture and timbre. His production is marked by speculations of contemporary music, without renouncing to references of the past or other styles of music.
His compositions, mostly for chamber music, with or without electronic media, are regularly featured in European and American cycles and festivals (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, USA, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Japan), having received commissions from many institutions, groups, and soloists of renowned prestige.
He currently combines his activity as a composer with teaching in the State schools (Educational Department of the Genaralitat of Catalonia). He is member of the Catalan Association of Composers (Associació Catalana de Compositors) and the Spanish Association of Electro Acoustic Music (Asociación de Música Electroacústica de España) and takes an active part in various projects in Barcelona as well as in exchanges with Argentina and other Latin-American countries.
His compositions are included in numerous Spanish and International CD collections of contemporary music (Fundació Música Contemporània, Unió Musics, Anacrusi, ACA of Mallorca, Agenda Edizioni Musicali, AMEE, Albany), and have been recorded by the Catalan classical music station (Catalunya Música) the Spanish National radio station (Radio Nacional de España), Radio France, etc. His works have been published in Amalgama, Delatour Editions, Ed. Periferia, and ARLU Editions.
The composer can be contacted by:
TEL. : (+34) 972336542 / 667618312
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