Eckart Luthy
Edmundo, Eckart Luthy
Edmundo Eckart was born in 1935 to a German family. He studied piano with M. Fleiter and J. Dotras Vila at the Superior Conservatory of Barcelona and also studied composition and instrumentation with C. Taltabull, and C. Guinovart. He has also received a diploma in medicine from the University of Barcelona and Madrid. He has done works in the fields of chamber music, symphonics and vocal harmonics.
His works have been performed in Spain, Germany, Mexico and Moldova, Poland, Holand and Austria.
Some works have been published by 'Clivis', 'Catalana de Ediciones musicales' and 'Editorial Boileau'.
The CD recordings were permormed in Switzerland with the stamp 'Gallo' and in Catalonia with the stamp 'Ars armónica' and 'Ediciones Albert Moraleda'.

Among the variety of genres and musical styles of his compositions he has devoted a large part to the music of religious inspiration.
He has been organist at the German Catholic Parish 'Saint Albertus Magnus' of Barcelona for many years, writing many religious works. Edmund Eckart has also arranged and harmonized different pieces for brass ensemble.
Since 1982 he has been a member of the Association of Catalonian Composers.


In 1963 Edmund Eckart composed the symphonic poem for large orchestra 'Beatus Ille' which was released in 1986 by the 'Orquesta Ciudad de Barcelona' at the Palau de la Música Catalana.

In 1980 he composed 'String Movement for orchestra' which was released in 1981 for the Hispanic Mexican Festival of Contemporary Music in the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico.

In 1985 he composed the symphonic poem 'Systaurosis' which was premiered by the 'Barcelona Municipal Band' at the Palau de la Música Catalana directed by Juan Luis Moraleda.

In 1992 he composed the symphonic poem 'Anastasis', which was released in the 'Sala Madre de Chisinau' (Moldova) under the leadership of the Christian Florea 'RTV Symphony Orchestra of Moldova'.

In 2002 he composed the 'Celloconcert' for cello and orchestra.

In 2005 he composed the symphonic poem 'Cum Spiritu '.
In 2012 it was released in a CD with the name 'Catalonian Contemporary Composers' performed in 2012 with the Orchestra of Córdoba with the stamp of 'Generalitat de Catalunya'. The conductor was Joan Lluís Moraleda.

In 2007 he composed the symphonic poem 'From Darkness to Light ', released by the Municipal Band of Barcelona directed by Domingo González de la Rubia.

In 1999 he composed 'Cantorata' for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra. It was released in Torun Poland conducted by Juan Lluís Moraleda.

In 2011 Edmund's symphonic works 'Cantorata', 'Systaurosis' and 'From darkness to light' were released played by Orchestra of Córdoba conducted by Juan Luís Moraleda.

In 2012-13 Edmund composed 'Requiem for innocents' for soprano, baríton, mixed choir and orchestra.
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