Nino, Díaz
Born in 1963 in Tías, Lanzarote (in the Canary Islands), Nino Díaz began his musical studies with his father, and later gained admission into the ¨Círculo de Amigos de la Música¨ in Arrecife (near Lanzarote).

In the year 1985, he came to Barcelona where he continued his studies in the Senior Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona, obtaining the titles of Professor of Harmony, Counterpoint, Composition and Instrumentation, and Professor of Orchestral Direction.

He proceeded to augment his studies of instruments (primarily Clarinet and bass Clarinet) with Miquel Barona, Professor of the Orchestra of the Grande Theatre of Liceo of Barcelona. They participated in various courses of their instrumental specialty with musicians such as Andrew Marriner, Thea King, Michel Lethiec, Joan Enric Luna, and Carles Riera as well with other complements including Ricard Peraire, Yiya Díaz, Xavier Boliart, and Albert Llanas.

In the area of composition, he also participated in numerous courses with the composers Alearco Ambrosi, Albert Sardà, Tomas Marco, Xavier Benguerel, Ramón Barce, Javier Darias, Benet Casablancas, Rafael Mira, Miquel Roger, Carlos Luis de Castro, David Padrós, José Luis Campana, Carles Guinovart, Gabriel Brncic, Zulema de Cruz, Agustín Gonzáles Acilu, Salvador Brotons, Josep Manuel Berenguer, Joan Albert Amargós, Fernando Aracil, Gonzalo de Olavide, Consuelo Díez, Albert Llanas, and Jesús Rodríguez-Picó.

In addition, Díaz has had tremendous interpretive experience, with both the Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, having numerous performances across Spain; integrating widely varying forms of both orchestral and chamber music (Díaz was the lead Clarinet in the Musical Band of Hospitalet, and collaborated in the Symphony Orchestra of the Grande Theatre of Liceo of Barcelona, the Symphony Orchestra of Barcelona and Nation of Catalonia, the Symphony Orchestra of Vallès, and the Municipal Band of Barcelona). He was also a founding member of the Áqüila Trio, specializing in contemporary music, and was among the musicians Tomás Marco, Albert Sardá, and Ramón Barce who all dedicated works to the group.

His experience as a teacher is also a significant addition to his capabilities, especially in recent years, being professor of Clarinet for twelve years at the Municipal School of Aulos Music, in Cerdanyola del Vallès, combined with his position as Director at the same school for five years. Subsequently, he attained excellence in the role of professor.

Furthermore, He is the Marketing Director of the Band of the City of Hospitalet and Symphony of the Corts, and previously was Director of the Symphony Orchestra Aulos, in Cerdanyola del Vallès, and the Orchestra of the District School of Barcelona. In addition, on various occasions he has directed other instrumental groups, such as the Nicolau Orchestra (of the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona), the Sinfonietta Laudalia, the Municipal Band of Barcelona, the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of Moscow, and the Contemporary Music Ensemble.

As a composer Díaz has more than seventy works, including soundtracks (two short films by the director Robert Hoffman and a TV documentary). His works have been interpreted by the Grande Canary Philharmonic, the Municipal Band of Barcelona, the Municipal Band of Vitoria-Gazteiz, the Municipal Band of Sevilla, the Municipal Band of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Black Blank Blaze Clarinet Quartet, the Barcelona Clarinet Quartet, the ¨Quartet of Atlantic Saxophones,¨ the Werther Trio, the Levent Duo, the 94 Sitges Instrumental Group, the Metal Quintet of Slovenia, the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of Moscow, the Youth Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias, the Chamber Orchestra of Empordà, and by international solo artists such as Íñigo Alonso, Ricardo Casero, Silvia Castillo, Mateus Dela Fonte, Ivan Herranz, Manuel Miján, Harry Sparnaay, Silvia Vidal, and in numerous countries: Canada, Columbia, The United States, Great Britain, Holland, Ireland, Latvia, Peru, Russia, Sweden, Venezuala, China, and eventually Spain.

He is a member of PROMUSCAN (The Association for the Promotion of the Music of the Canary Islands), The Association of Catalonian Composers, and the Foundation of Contemporary Music in Barcelona.

He specializes in the publication of musical scores on the computer, having taught courses on the material, and has advised numerous world music personalities such as Josep Rueda (General Coordinator of the Superior Catalonian Music School), and Francisco Grau (Colonel Director of the Banda Del Rey), as well as other composers and teachers of music schools and conservatories. He has also worked as a copyist in the development and review of works for the 92 Barcelona Olympics, as well as for the editorial Clivis, the editorial Tritó, and the editorial Claret, in addition to working for publications for the Catalonian Department of Education, for the Orchestra of the Grande Theatre of Liceo, the Symphony Orchestra of Barcelona and the Catalonian Nation, the Orchestra of the Lliure Theatre, the Municipal Band of Barcelona, and, on a certain level, with numerous other composers.

In 2005, Díaz created the editorial Periferia Sheet Music, which specializes in Contemporary music, and of which he now is Director.

In December of 2009, Díaz will be teaching a course regarding this material at the University of Alcalá in Henares.

Recently, he was given the title of Academic by the Royal Canary Academy of Arts of San Miguel Arcàngel, for his international career as a performer and for his work as an artist, as well as his contributions to this generation and the dissemination of a new contemporary heritage. Moreover, he has won the ¨15th Concursos de Obras de Creación Radiofónica¨ organizad by RNE radio and the center for promoting contemporary music (Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporánea).
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