De Jong
Christiaan, De Jong
Christiaan de Jong (Rotterdam, 1960), is an allround musician with experience in playing all kinds of music, from authentique barroque to tango, from flamenco to contemporary composed and improvised music and jazz.
He composed music for one instrument solo with or without electronics, up to chambermusic, orchestral works and music for big band, dance projects and theatre or his own 'animated scores'.

He composed for: Orkest De Volharding, Trio Sekwenza, Ensemble Barcelona Nova Musica, Christiaan de Jong Ensemble, Duo Daniel Ahlert & Birgit Schwab, Grupo Circulo, Banda Municipal de Barcelona, Duo Matthijs Koene & Stefan Gerritsen, Duo Wiek Hijmans & Anna McMichael, Barcelona Percussion Group, Harry Sparnaay, Marcel Worms, Sound of Colors Ensemble +Beatrice Voellmy, Ensemble BB, Kaida, Ralph van Raat Ensamble Rosario and Ensemble Areté.

Current projects include a project mixing borroque, modern instruments and electronics , a piece for viola and guitar for Alturas Duo, a project for members of Cobla Principal d'Amsterdam + electric guitar, a piece for Ensemble Sizle, a violoncello concierto for Grup XXI and a project based on Don Quijote and fairy tales for various ensembles.

As a fluteplayer Christiaan de Jong uses the Eva Kingma system 1/4 tone flute which permits him to play easily microtonal tone music, used in so many 'etnic' music cultures, jazz and contemporary western composed music. He plays the barroque tranverse flute both in barroque and contemporary music.

De Jong started out as a classical guitar player, but now also plays the electric guitar in both jazz and chambermusic settings. The electric guitar can have an almost classical sound but extend to the most extreme heavy metal sounds quitte easily. He likes to mix improvisational elements and very defined composed parts and often uses electronic backgrounds as well. T

He performed concerts playing mainly his own music and improvisation with Markus Stockhausen and Tara Bouman, Jorrit Dijkstra, Riccardo Massari, Michael Svoboda, Luc Houtkamp, Frances Marie Uitti, Wiek Hijmans, J. Mª Balanyà, Ananda Sukarlan, Robert Dick, Harry Sparnaay, Garth Knox and many other fine musicians..

He conducted many professional and youth orquestras, involving written music and improvisation.

He founded various ensembles like Trio Sekwenza, Ensemble Barcelona Nova Musica, Christiaan de Jong Ensemble, Intelligent Sound Ensembe and recently Globus Ensemble
He played as a electric guitar soloist with the Banda Municipal de Barcelona, the Dutch group 'Insomnio', the Madrid group 'Circulo'.

He is founder and director of Projecte Internacional d'Influències Musicals

The composer can be contacted by:
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