Joan Albert
Amargós Altisent
Joan Albert, Amargós Altisent

Composer and director born in Barcelona in 1950. Pianist and Clarinetist that has composed a number of works for chamber and symphonic performance. Is, furthermore, very familiar with the Flamenco music of Spain, which has served as a basis for many of his compositions that reflect the spirit and color of the Mediterranean region.

He is loyal to the natural progression of art, utilizing his compositions and ample harmonies through an elaborate counterpoint method.

Has worked in the movies, theater, and dance. Has done work in arrangement and orchestra in many fields of music, including evidence of his own esthetic polyvalency in all of them. His work as composer covers all genres although his emphasis falls on works of arrangement and composition of jazz and flamenco.

Has obtained on seven occasions, awards for Best Arrangement of Spain, issued by the Academy of Music. In 1988, he received high prize for Contemporary Jazz Compositions, handed to him by Chick Corea, The winning piece was 'Hasta Siempre Jaco.' He also received an award for Best Disco of the Year for a piece done with Carles Benavent, as well as the Altaveu Award for his work with Concert for the Clarinet. The Catalonian government issued him an the National Award in Music for his opera, 'Euridice,' in 2002. The city of Barcelona issued a similar award the same year for his collaborations with Miguel Poveda and for his work on 'Concert for the Trombone and Orchestra.' At the Music Awards in 2008, he was nominated for the 'Best Classic Music Composer' for his composition, 'Northern Concert' that appeared on the 'Movements' album.

He was a founder of the music group, 'Músic Urbana' that recorded two CDs between 1975 and 1979. (Música Urban and Iberia)

Today, he continues to compose concerts for piano duos and orchestra for the National Orchestra of Spain, and the Katia and Marielle Labèque Sisters.

He was nominated for a Grammy award in 2007 in the category of Best Contempory Composer, also for the 'Northern Concert' composition. The recording included soloist, Michaela Petri and the National Orchestra of Danesa, directed by Lan Shui.

As arranger, adaptor and ochestrator, he has collaborated with many arists from various musical disciplines such as: Katia and Marielle Labèque , Alfredo Kraus, Plácido Domingo, El Camarón de la Isla, Paco de Lucía, Tomatito, Joan Manuel Serrat (Serrat Sinfónico), Ana Belén, Victor Manuel, Carles Benavent, Chano Domínguez, Vicente Amigo, Miguel Poveda, Gary Burton, Didier Lockwood, Jorge Pardo, Estrella Morente , etc. He also has worked with the highly prestigious national orchestras of Spain, as well as Sweden, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

Between productions, he has completed the following works:
Chamber Music
'Concert del Sud'(1986), for the violin, violoncello and orchesta; 'Sonata for two guitarras'(1981)
'3 Pieces for 3 Clarinets and Low Clarinet'(1969)
'Sonata for flauta and piano'(1979)
'Música per Arpa'(1996)
'Tango Català'(1996), for flute and guitar
'Vals bizarre'(1982), for piano
'Le cheval de Malval' and 'Pasacalle de nit'(1982),for full instrumental
'Sonata de Primavera'(1990) for 4 flutes de pico
'Homenatge a Lorca'(1998),for sax alto and piano
' Allegro festivo'(1999) for violín and piano
'En el aire'(2003), for violín and piano, 'Atlantic trio' (2003) for violín , clarinete and piano 'L´Assemblea dels infants'(2004),cantata for niños and 9 instrumentos. 'Jocs Florals' (2006) ,para coro de hombres solistas (4 tenores,4 barítonos and 4 bajos) 'Simfonieta Concertant' (2007)para cobla,violín,violoncello,piano and percusión 'Capricho por bulerías' (2006) for two pianos and voice. 'Variaciones sobre un zorongo' (2006) for two pianos and voice. 'Las morillas que me enamoran' (2006) for voice and piano a cuatro manos 'La niña bonita' for two pianos (2006) ' Retrats' for piano (2007) Orchesta:
'Variaciones for orquesta'(1981) ,'Concierto for clarinete and orquesta'(1995)
'Los Tarantos' (Ballet con Paco de Lucía)(1985). ' Danza de Equus' (1994) 'Concierto for Trombón bajo and Orquesta',(2001)
'Northern Concerto' for Recorder and orchestra(2005), a Michala Petri. 'Pax Haganum' (2006). 'Homenatge a Michael Brecker' for Sax Alto and orchestra (2008) Opera:
'Eurídice (2001) for 3 voices and chamber orchestra ' El Salón de Anubis' (2007) for 4 voices and chamber orchestra
Orchestra and Choir:
'Cantata de la terra'(1993)
'Requiem' ,ballet (1994)
'Cinc cançons populars mallorquines'(1992). Big-band:
'Hasta siempre Jaco'(1988) )
'Flash Mompou'(1997) . Big-band and symphonic orchestra :
'Transformacions'(2002), 'Los 4 muleros, Los mozos de Monleón y Los Pelegrinitos'(1998) (piece ordered by the Metropole Orkest de Holland, homage to F.G.Lorca. Band:
' Popular Concert '(1983) Cobla:
'Variants of color'(2002) Cobla and other instruments : 'Simfonieta Concertant' (2007)(Cobla, piano, violín, cello and percussion) Important arrangements by other authors for symphonic orchestra : 'Noche de ronda' for tenor and symphonic orchestra 'Un amore cosí grande' for tenor and symphonic orchestra. 'Alfonsina and el mar' for tenor and symphonic orchestra 'Invitación al bolero' prelude for symphonic orchestra

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