Director of the Arts for the Phonos Foundation of Barcelona, Associate Professor in the Cabinet of Electroacoustic Music (1989- ), Director of the ‘Music and Computers’ seminars at the Menéndez Pelayo University (1991-95) and Director of the Eines courses on Musical Creation at CCCB in Barcelona. Ha worked since 1960 on the newest musical disciplines related to 21st century technology.
He has worked on several compositions at the University of Chile, as well as the Di Tella Institute in Buenos Aries. He continued his work at the Phonos Foundation in Barcelona, the GME in Cuenca, the Experimental Music Group of Bourges, among other labs. His works covers several genres, searching for audiences of all sorts of tastes. In 1996 the Center for Contemporary Culture presented an event in homage to Brncic for his music that connected intimately with its audiences. The concert included works performed with traditional instruments with added electroacoustic effects.

The composer has not given any additional contact information.
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