Lluís M.
Bosch I Daniel
Lluís M., Bosch I Daniel
LLUÍS M. BOSCH i DANIEL was born in 1966. He earned his masters in Composition and Instrumentation, Music Pedagogy, and Musicology from the Superior Music Conservatory in Barcelona. He has composed 35 works, the majority of which in small format (solo, duo, trio and quartet) as well as educational pieces. He has earned various composition awards and his wrks have been performed in Spain as well as France.

Professor for the opposition since 1989 in the Professional Conservatory of Manresa (Barcelona), he teaches classes in Harmony, Countrpoint, and Musical Forms and Analysis.

Creator of the children’s show, Música Dibuixada (2001) and Música Encantada (2008) that aired in Spain around 270 times. The philosophy behind the shows was to encourage the creativity of children by infusing music with the imagination.

A lover of nature for its dualaity of simultaneous simplicity and complexity. His memories of summers past are that of growing tomatoes, then eating and sharing them with friends. He has always been convinced of the power of the imagination, marvelling at it’s potentical as a valuable and powerful resource.

Reutnring to that thought: 'To explain my breif history through the creation of music, offering all types of details without any sort of explanation, is liberating, a catharsis that gives me the necessary peace and tranquility to continue being an optimist.'

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