Marcos, Bosch
Born in Barcelona in 1966.
He began his music career with guitar under the instruction of V. Mayol. He studied Counterpoint, harmony, and Analysis and Composition at the Phonos Foundation under G. Brncic. He also studied at the Conservatory in Badalona under M.A. Hurtado, M. Roger, B. Casablancas and J. Soler. He earned his degree at the University of Barcelona and his Ph, D. in Musicology at the University Autonomous of Barcelona (Thesis about Benjamin Britten:

Between 1992 and 1997 he was a professor at the Superior Conservatory of Liceu where he instructed Counterpoint and Fugue. Since 1997 he has taught Fugue and Musical Forms at the Conservatory of Badalona. He has composed for various organizations and some of his works have gone on to win prizes.

He is working on a project with the Great Encyclopedia of Catalunya to out together the Encyclopedia of Music. He is author of several published articles, including: 'Musical Contamination: Urgent Points about the Musical Environment', Generació nº9, 1997 and 'Notes on Musical Taste and Education' Generació nº10, 1998 etc.

The composer can be contacted by:
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: 687547043
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