Vila Blasco
Mariona, Vila Blasco
Born in Barcelona where she studied music at the Superior Municipal Conservatory of Music in Barcelona.

In the field of composition, she has completed several works for soloists, chamber groups, CDs, editorials, culture organizations and institutes, among which namely include the Center of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, the Barcelona Auditorium, the International Cinema Festival of Dones, DINSIC publications, the Rosa Sensat Association, and the Theatre Institute, l''Auditori de Barcelona', 'Gran Teatre del Liceu' and many others. Soloists and groups include Mark Feldmann, Nina, Dolors Aldea, Lluís Vidal, the choir of Madrigal, the Fu-mon quartet, the Orchestra of Cambra in Andorra or the JONC.

Mariona Vila Blasco has composed a great deal of pieces for children, for the movies, and the stage. Such works have been, in part, collaborations with the Regals Opera, performed in the Lliure Theatre (2002) with production of the Grand Theatre of Liceu and the IMEB.

She has designed, performed and directed the Aigua show for the Servei Educatiu de l’Auditori and has done so before an audience of more than 10,000 alums.

Has composed an original piece at the direction of the Barcelona Auditorium for their production, 'Palua i Fabre, 90 anys' in homage to a poet’s 90th anniversary.

As an actress, she has acted in many theatres across Catalonia in the operatic productions of E.O.B. and has participated as a soloist in several vocal groups.

She has carried out an intense teaching activity in the specialties of piano and chamber music at various centers throughout Barcelona. She has been a technical director at the Barcelona Opera School twice; the first from 1990 to 1993, and a second term in the present. Since 1989 has been the director for the Music School of Palau in Barcelona.

She has earned several prizes and recognitions for composition and has recored and published several works for voice, instrumentation, and a large number of educational material, such as special-issue articles in music magazines. She has participated in many showcases for women composer to display their work and perform in Catalonia, as well as the rest of Spain.

Today, she works on musical compositions for the Grand Theatre of Liceu in Barcelona and has been working on a piece to be released at the upcoming Opera Festival of Butxaca in Barcelona.
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