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Mercè Torrents was born in Barcelona and She is the Daugther of the famous Cellist and catalan Musical Promoter Joan Torrents Maymir. She estudied Piano at Liceo Conservatory with Mr. Pere Vallribera. She is Self-taught in Composing under the Guidelines of Mr. Cristòfor Taltabull.
She writes for Piano, Instrumental Group, Orchestra, Trio, 'Cobla' (typical Catalan Orchestra) and Choral Music. She has written Songs with Lyrics from Well-known Catalan Poets, like J. Carner, S. Espriu, Pere Quart, J.V. Foix and Miquel Martí Pol. She has played her Music in many recitals.
Mr S. Espriu said that She is the Composer that has written more Songs with his Poetry. She wrote three entire Books: 'Llibre de Sinera' (Oratorio, 1968, released in 1981); 'LLibre Final del Laberint' and 'Pell de brau'.
She has participated in many Events like the Romance Languages International Conference in France (Montpellier University, 1970); Catalan Language Feast that took place in Catalan Music Palace (Barcelona 1974); Folklore International Workshop (Barcelona, 1984), where was released Her 'Hymn', for chorus and Cobla; Millenium of Catalonia, where was released Her 'Ballet Valencià', (Terrassa, 1986). From 1988 She is member of the Catalan Composers Association. Her works have been played in all the events promoted by this Association and other Musical Corporations.
Recordings: 'Núria Feliu canta Salvador Espriu' (1969); 'Anton Carrera' (1971); 'Ramats d'estrelles' (1986); 'Ombra de foc (1988, piano); 'Estimats poetes' (1995) and ACC Vol. 4th (includes two works from Her, 2004).
Many Catalan Singers have played Her Works, including: Mercè Bibiloni, Francesca Callao, Assumpta Serra, Anna Ricci, M. Àngels Sarroca, Núria Feliu, Dolors Lafitte, Marina Rossell, Núria Batlle, Dolors Martí i Celdoni Fonoll.

Last Cds:
2015- ORATORI DEL LLIBRE DE SINERA SalvadorEspriu/Mercè Torrents
2015- MEDITERRÀNIES Nexus piano interpreta: Mercè Torrents

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