Albert, Sardà
Born in 1943. Studied counterpoint and composition under J. Soler, studies which he completed with those of industrial engineer. Earned a degree in History of Art from the University of Barcelona. Given a grant from the city of Darmstadt, he attended the International Contemporary Music Competition in 1972, dictated by Ligeti, Stockhausen, Kagel and Xenakis. Since 1991 he has directed the 'Music oh 2oth Century Course' then held in Ditges (Barcelona) and from 2007 in Terrassa. His works have been performed and registered by various orchestras and music groups nationally and internationally, and edited by Southern-Music and Seesaw Music Corp., both of New York; Simrock of Hamburg; Catalana d’Edicions Musicals I Colvis – ACC of Barcelona. Hes ballet, 'L’Ombra', won the Ferran Sors Prize in 1984. Has been awarded with the Composition Prize of Barcelona (1986) for his piece, 'Concert per a violoncel I orquestra'. Worthy of mention among his latest works is the opera 'L'any de gràcia' (The year of grace) represented in Alicante, Palma de mallorca, Perpignan, Barcelona y Madrid. In 2000 he finished the second chamber opera 'Selima', based on a text by Miquel de Palol, which was represented in Lleida, Santiago de Compostela and Barcelona. During the period of 1979-85, was a professor of harmony, counterpoint, and histories of music and art, in the conservatories of Badalona and Manresa. Was director during this final year. He is professor of History and Esthetics of Music in the Masters Music Conservatory in Barcelona. Is one of the founders of the Association of Catalan Composers and from 1981-92, was the president. Since 1992, is the founder and director of the Contemporary Music Foundation. Worthy of mention among his latest compositions of staged works. For the motive of the Dali year and commissioned by the town council of Figueres the creation of the work 'Cantata al gran masturbador' (Cantata to the great masturbador) with text by Salvador Dalí, represented i8n Figueres and Albacete. Between 2005 and 206 the creation and representation in Terrassa in 2007 of the opera 'Un futur esplèndid' (A splendid future), with notes by Miquel de Palol. Between 2008 and 2010 he has composed different chamber works for lead instruments and the second version of his concert for soprano saxophone and orchestra.
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