Mario, Ros
Mario Ros completed his studies in composition with Constança Capdevila and Carles Guinovart. He also attended various specialized courses under Claude Helffer, Ivan Fedele, and Constança Capdeville, among others

In 1994 he obtained an award for composition from the Superior Municipal Conervatory in Barcelona. In 1998, he won the Frederic Mompou award with his work, Bréhat, for clarinet quartet. In 2002 he won the 'a Camillo Togni' International Composition Competition in Italy with his work, Graduale, for clarinet and other instruments.' À la lisière de la forêt, pour alto', 2nd International Composition Competition 2013 - for Solo Viola. Antwerpen (Belgique) 2nd Prize and Prize Audience. Winner of the 'IV Concurs de composició d’òperes, Òpera a Secundària, Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona 2014' with opera, 'Oh, l'amor!'

He has been contracted by the Juan March Foundation, the Association of Catalonian Composers, and various others for compositions.

Among his works are: ’Le promeneur' (2000-01)' for orchestra, released by the Symphonic Orchestra of Barcelona and Catalonia' (OBC), under the direction of Ernest Martínez Izquierdo. 'Cycle Nous Autres' ('Toi', 'Lui', 'Elle' et ''Les Autres') (2010-12) ’Tinnitus (aurium)' for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano and percussion (2004-05), ’Canti a Beatrice' for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano with two sonnets by Dante Allighieri (2005), ’Lament' for violoncello and instrumental (2002), ’El sueño de un extraño' for piano, violin and violoncello (1996) and ’...e ricordo un giorno... in memoriam Constança Capdeville' for instrumental (1999). Also has completed works with other artists from various disciplines such as, for piano, ’Über den Himmel' (2001), written for a presentation on culture, ’Der Himmel über Berlin' by Fèlix Atmetlla and the music for the short film ’Duel' de Jaume Pujades (2003).

As a student of serialism, he has completed a profound study of the works of Webern, Boulez and the music of the twentieth century en general, works which include published articles and presentations at various conferences.

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