María Teresa
Roig Ferrer
Composer, pianist, and professor
Born in Barcelona on April 11th, 1952. Completed her Masters at the Superior Music Conservatory in Barcelona where she earned degrees in Piano, Chamber Music, Solfeo, Music Theory and Transposition, Harmony, Counterpoint and Composition. She extended her studies through seminars at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, as well as other schools, eventually completing her doctorate at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
Her career in piano has earned her several awards, such as: Honor Award at the Master’s Level (1969), Honorable Mention in Fugue (1983), 'Onia Farga' Award from the City of Barcelona (1969), First Prize from the R. Parramón Fundation (1976) and the title of 'Honoris Cause' from the conservatory of Buenos Aires (1971).
Member of the Association for Catalan Composers. His works have been performed by many groups, including: Municipal Band of Barcelona, Sant Jordi Cobla, the string quartet and soloists of the Barcelona Symphonic Orchestra and Catalunya National (OBC).
In the field of teaching, was a professor or Orgeó Catalá at the Catalan Music Palace from 1972 to 1980, and from 2000 to 2004 was the director of the Superior Music Conservatory in Barcelona.
Among her compositions are electro-acoustic experimentations, for dance and concert.

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