Llorens I Guillaumes
David , Llorens I Guillaumes
David Llorens Guillaumes - Composer and conductor

David Llorens Guillaumes, born in Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona) in 1979, studied piano with Xavier Pagès Corella and composition with Carles Guinovart and Víctor Estapé at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu; and also trained in orchestral conducting with the masters Francesc Llongueres, Antoni Ros-Marbà and Manel Valdivieso, among others.

He has always been a very restless person eager to train and enrich himself, so he has never stopped participating in courses with trainers of different specialties and styles, including Joan Guinjoan, Xavier Benguerel, Albert Sardà, Joan Albert Amargós, Jordi Mora and Salvador Mas, among many others.


As a composer, his variety of genres and styles should be highlighted, going from traditional classical to the most avant-garde music, including popular music and making an approach to jazz, rock and pop, which can sometimes be interpreted as a direct simile to heavy metal.

Also must be highlighted the wide range of instrumental and vocal formations of his compositions, from solo instrument to chamber orchestra, vocals, orchestra and formations where he incorporates instruments that are not common in classical music, such as the guitar, electric bass and drums.

From his compositions it must be highlighted:

• Lluna de sang (Blood’s moon). 2020. For mixed choir.
• Reflexions (Reflections). 2020. For acoustic hybrid piano and violoncello.
• Sardana heavy (2020) for cobla and drums.
• Homenatges enigma (Enigma tribute). 2019. For acoustic hybrid piano.
• Eris (2009, arranged 2019). Cobla and timpani (Also a version for two coples)
• Pirineus Orientals (Oriental Pirynees) (2008), sardana for solist double bass, cobla and percussion (Also a version for only cobla, band and string orchestra and string quartet with solist double bass).
• Fantsia concertant per contrabaix i orquestra de corda (2007) for double bass, string orchestra and percussion (with drums).
• Galicat (2005) for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon.
• Woodwind quartet and horn (2004) for string quintet.
• Hereus d’un mon (Heros of a world). 2003. Soloist voices, choir and orchestra (With electric guitar and drums).
• Quintet (2003) for flute, clarinet, guitar, viola and violoncello.
• Temps de sega (Mowing time). 2001. For string orchestra.
His works have been performed in Catalonia, Galicia, France and Germany by groups such as La cobla Sant Jordi-Ciutat de Barcelona, Cobla Montgrins; Orquestra Barcelona Sinfonietta, Orquestra Mare Nostrum; Student orchestras such as the JOF (Jove Orquestra de Figueres) and the Jove Orquestra Cassà de la Selva; Chamber groups such as Sitges 94 and Zorzico vinario; directors of the stature of Francesc Llongueres, Xavier Pagès-Corella or Marcel Sabater and Soloists of the stature of James Testi or Ivana Govedarska.


As conductor he has been invited to conduct different instrumental formations such as the Cobla Sant Jordi-Ciutat de Barcelona, the Cobla Maricel; Joves Orquestres de Figueres i Cassà de la Selva.

He was the conductor of the orchestra of L'EMMMAS (Escola Municipal de Música Montserrat Almiral de Sitges) from 2006 to 2012. He has also been the conductor of different choral formations such as the Coral dels Xulius (2014-2020), Coral Albada (2015) and the Cor l'Espiga de Cubelles (since 2016) where he is still the current conductor.


As a pedagogue he has taught piano, instrumental and choral groups and theoretical subjects in different schools, highlighting the EMMMAS (Escola Municipal de Música Montserrat Almiral de Sitges), Agora International School in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Can Ruti in Cardedeu and L'EMSPR (Escola de Música de Sant Pere de Ribes) of which he is currently the director.

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