Rodríguez Picó
Jesús, Rodríguez Picó
Born in Barcelona, Jesús Rodríguez Picó studied music at the Liceu Higher Conservatory of Music, obtaining the Bachelor’s degree.
Instrumentalist and composer, he expanded his clarinet studies in France. Later he became familiar with the contemporary music repertoire, collaborating as a clarinetist with various ensembles. Between 1976 and 1990 he was an active clarinet performer, premiering and recording works by contemporary composers.

As a composer, in 1976 he began his catalog of works. In the first compositions he uses some flexible procedures as well as new spellings. It is the time of Polisonia 1 and 2, Volt and Apsû, it also incorporates characteristics that come from musical theater as in Autour de la Lune, a work premiered by the pianist Jean-Pierre Dupuy.

In 1978 he began the composition of works for orchestra, with La ciutat i les estrelles (Concertino for piano and orchestra). From this moment on, works for orchestra followed one another, sometimes as a result of commissions such as Concert No. 1 for a clarinet and orchestra or the American Symphony (commissioned by the National Orchestra of Spain, ONE). His works for orchestra can be divided into two areas: the concertante, such as the two concertos for clarinet and orchestra or Cadmos et Harmonie for guitar and strings, and works related to the symphonic poem such as El lleó afamat, Pluja interior for narrator and orchestra, Anàbasi Symphony or Danses d'Ibèria (work commissioned by the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, OBC).

The numerous chamber works are the result of friendship and collaboration with different instrumentalists, with a certain preference for works where the clarinet or saxophone intervene, such as La Sonata Colombina for clarinet and piano, Sonata Marina for saxophone and piano, Volt, Preludi i dansa, Horo (for clarinet), Catul songs for clarinet, baritone and seven instruments, or 3 Capricci for clarinet.
In the catalog there are various works that bear the title of Danses (Danses d'Isaura, Fedora, Moriana, Zaira, Zora, etc.), these chamber works suggested by Italo Calvino's book Le Cittá Invisibili, have virtuosity and rhythm as common elements.

His first stage work was the chamber opera El paradís de les muntanyes, text by Miquel Desclot based on Alfred Jarry, premiered at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona in 1998. He has subsequently composed other stage works such as Hotel Occident, Urbs and Vera (libretto by Pau Guix after Oscar Wilde)

Parallel to his activity as a composer, he has also devoted big part of his work to pedagogy at different music schools and at the Badalona Professional Conservatory of Music. He has had an active role in media, collaborating with different stations such as Radio Barcelona and different specialized magazines. In 1987 he developed the project for the music station 'Catalunya Música' a new classical public radio station, for which he was responsible for programming until December 1990. After this period, he returned to his pedagogical activity, adding numerous works to its catalog to be performed by music students, highlighting the various Fragments d'estiu and the cantatas Disssabte matí and El partit del segle.

He is the author of the book about composer Xavier Benguerel, work and style, published by Idea Books.
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