Gloria Villanueva
Born in Barcelona she began her first courses in sol-fa and the piano at the age of nine. Three years later she started to study the guitar with Natalia Demidoff, continuing under her guidance up until she is awarded the tittle for Middle Grade. Subsequently she completes the course for Superior Grade in Guitar with Jaume Torrent at the Music Conservatory of the Liceo, in Barcelona, and obtains the diploma in Elementary Grade piano. She is a Psychology Graduate of the University of Barcelona (UB), a tittle she obtained in 1976. This same year she began work as a psycho-therapist combining this activity with various post-graduate courses, both in the specialised area of Child Clinical Psichology and in the field of music (Guitar Masterclasses, Music Analysis course, courses in IT Music, in piano improvisation, in piano pedagogy, in orchestration, in the system of Musico-graphic Braille ... etc.) She continues to practice Psychology for 12 years. During this time she also works in music teaching and as a composer. In 1988 the Regional Office of 'ONCE' in Catalonia contract her to give music classes to the visually impaired. Subsequently she works as music teacher in the GYMEL academy, situated in the 'Nou Barris' district of Barcelona, and currently directs the Centre for Musical Studies GYMEL in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
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