Alla, Penkina
Born in Pavlovo / Nizhny Novgorod region/, Russia.
Started her musical studies at the age of six with Maria Filipova
and later with A.Khalkovskaya at the Music School /piano/.

1980 she graduated from the Music College with a Bachelor's degree in Musicology. From 1984 to 1989 studied composition at the Ashgabad State Conservatoire and completed the post-graduate course in composition in 1995 with Professor R.Alayarov, an Alfred Schnittke disciple. She attended masterclasses by composers Boris Tishchenko, Theo Loevendie. Received Fellowship for composers from the Unión of composers of Russia /2001/.
From 1989 she has been teaching at Music College and Conservatoire Estatal, working as a music editor at Radio TV Company /Ashgabad /, from 1996 to 2008 has been teaching piano and composition at Music School, was a member of the Jury of the regional competition 'Young composer' / Nizhny Nóvgorod /, and at the 'Californian music center' in China /2006/.

Her music has been performed in festivals like 'Musical premieres', International Festival 'View on music of Russia', International Festival of contemporary music 'Composer's generations on the threshold of the 21th century. Panorama of Russian music' , International music Festival 'From Rhine to Volga', 'Pictures from an Exhibition',
'Europe-Asia' in Russia,
in festivals in Spain, Italy, France, USA, Southern Corea,
Macedonia, Romania, Ukraine.

A member of the Association of Composers of Catalonia
and member of the Russian Unión of Composers.
Since 2008 lives and works in Spain.
The composer can be contacted by:
tel. : 602562551
skype : a.penkina2
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