Pardo Llungarriu
Miquel, Pardo Llungarriu
Miquel Pardo, Barcelonan composer, born on November 18th, 1959. Studied composition at the Superior Music Conservatory of Barcelona: piano under Paula Torróntegui; direction under Enric Ribó; orchestra direction at the Conservatory of Liceu. Also studied musicology at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas while studying science and philosophy at the University of Barcelona. He lated studied under the tenor Dalmau González as well.

Currently he is working on his doctoral thesis in philosophy about the esthetics of music. In 2006 he won an award in philosophic essay competition called 'Pensa' at the doctorate level for his work 'About the concept of time in Husserl and Heidegger' In 1986 he was given a by the Ministry of Culture to attend the Composition Camp of Villafrance of Bierzo where he took classes by Cristóbal Halffter, Helmut Lachenman, Luís de Pablo and Carmeloa Bernaola.

He has won several awards for his compositions, nationally and internationally including: Premio Cristóbal Halffter, Catalunya, Ciudad de Vigo, Frederic Mompou, Xunta de Galicia…

In 1994 he collaborated on preparing the curriculum for schools and conservatories in Catalonia. He was named by the Department of Education from the government of Catalonia, a member of the tribunals in the compositions. He began a part of the Section of Arts Education of the National Conference on Education. He was invited by the French Society of Musical Analysis to participate in a celebratory European event as a representative of Spain.

He has performed solo piano and accompaniment to the soprano Helena Cortada on various occasions. For three years he was the music critic for the Catalonian Music magazine. He is a member of the General Society for Authors and Editors, and the Association of Catalonian Composers.

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