Tena Manrique
Abraham, Tena Manrique
At the beginning of 2018 Abraham is appointed president of the World Piano Teachers Association, WPTA-SPAIN-COMPOSITION. An Association that we can find in more than thirty countries around the world.

At present, Abraham Tena Manrique is writing the Cantata 'The Seven Words of Christ on the Cross', on behalf of Sergio Espejo, OCNE pianist, to be presented at one of the Satellite Concerts organized annually by the OCNE in the National Auditorium of Madrid.

Recently, the Japanese publishing house Da Vinci - directed by Edmondo Filippini, Director of the Osaka Mozart Foundation and supported by the Osaka Institute of Italian Culture - has published eighteen piano works by Abraham Tena Manrique. He opens a collaboration with this publisher with which he will publish in the near future all his pianistic production, which amounts to almost forty compositions.

In 2016, Editorial Boileau publishes its Octet Séneca Op. 31, written by commission of Sergio Espejo, pianist of the National Orchestra and Choir of Spain (OCNE) and premiered on March 1 at the Auditorio Nacional de Madrid in charge of the Soloists of the OCNE previous recording in Studio 206, musical program of RNE.

A year before, in the year 2015, Editorial Boileau publishes its String Quartet 'Don Quijote' Op. 22a and the Trio for piano violin and cello 'Don Quijote' Op. 22b. Work that in the hands of some of the soloists of the OBC expects its premiere in brief dates.

Not to forget the concert facet of Tena Manrique, which will lead him to act, among other places, in the third edition of the Javea International Festival (Alicante). In particular, in the Closing Concert that takes place on July 9, 2017, invited by Nati Ballarín, director and founder of this prestigious festival interested in piano compositions by Abraham Tena Manrique.

Since 2012 many musicians have performed and performed some of their works for piano, piano for four hands and for piano and clarinet, and other compositions for other chamber ensembles.

Kiev Portella, a founding member of the Fundació Mompou and excellent pianist, regularly performs several of his works in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona or Menorca, to name a few cities.

Also, George Sand Piano Duo often premieres and interprets two of his compositions for piano to four hands, one of them written and dedicated to this group of camera, the Garden of the Hesperides Op. 37, in theaters of Madrid, Lugo, Palma de Mallorca and Merida.

Raquel del Val premieres in London in February 2017, the Bagatelle Op. 23 'Alborada', Jenna Sung does the same with the 2 Op. 26 Preludes in Birmingham, Patricia García Gil premieres the seven fantasies 'The pilgrim Path Op. 20 'In Huesca, Anthi and Kostaq Vrame interpret the Fantasie for four-handed piano Op. 1 in Albania and Luis Becerra premiered Khárôn I Op. 32 and interprets it, among other theaters, in the Rodrigo Hall at Palau of Música in Valencia , and many more artists, all of them of recognized prestige.
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